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Open Volare Chain Necklace Custom Necklace

This is a Luxe Chains Open Volare Chain Necklace. We are very proud of how this one turned out and wanted to share some photos. The chain pictured 8.5mm wide, 2.9mm thick, 18K rose gold, and weighs approximately 62 grams. It measures 16 inches in length. 

This is a modern style chain in every sense of the word. Notice the sharp edges and the detail put into each link. This chain sits very profoundly around the neck. Keep in mind that every chain we create can come in a necklace or bracelet form. They come in either rose, yellow, or white gold. Luxe makes it easy to find the perfect chain for you. Please enjoy a few more photos of this beautiful chain!

If you're considering purchasing a chain Luxe Chains can help! Please feel free to give us a call at 310-853-6963 for a free quote!

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