Estimated Weight Policy

At Luxe, we always try our best to be open and transparent to our customers, and this includes estimating the weigh of the jewelry at the time of purchase. Please note however that these estimates are just that, estimates, and there can be a variation of up to +/- 5% of the stated weight shown on the website.

So what changes the weight? The final weight of the item will always vary based on the following variables:

1) The handmade nature of our products – All chains are hand cast, assembled and polished and not always by the same master jeweler. That is why there will always be some variation between each link and every chain.

2) The alloy of metal used – White gold, Yellow gold and Rose gold all have different alloy blends to give them their unique colors. These alloy blends have slightly different densities and therefore the weights have slight variations. Our estimate is based on averages of all blends.

3) The length of chain – You may order a 24” necklace or 9” bracelet, however chains have to be sold in complete links, not fractions. You can't have a necklace with 60 and 1/2 links to give an exact size of 20”. It will have either 60 or 61 links. We always make sure the length sold is as accurate as possible and of course adds some variation in the final weight.

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