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Beautiful Franco Link Custom Chain

Luxe Chains is your go-to source for custom gold, silver, and platinum chains. We can create virtually any chain that your imagination can conceive. 

Here are a few photos of a custom order that we absolutely loved. This 18K yellow gold chain features Franco links, measures 18 inches in length and weighs 99 grams. The customer was drawn to the 3D effect of this chain. Each link is 9mm x 9mm and as a result sits very distinctly around the neck. Notice in the photos how pronounced each link is and it commands attention. 

If you're considering purchasing a chain Luxe Chains can help! Please feel free to give us a call at 310-853-6963 for a free quote!

If you are looking for any other type of gold, silver, or platinum jewelry please visit our sister site 

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Which celebrity purchased this $25,000 diamond encrusted Playstation Controller?

We've seen some ridiculously outrageous chains in our day but this one takes the cake. 39-year-old Justin Smith, better known as Just Blaze purchased this diamond encrusted Playstation 2 controller chain back in 2007.

Made of 18k solid white gold and over 68.34ct of black diamonds, this chain is the ultimate accessory for PlayStation fanboys!  

Are you actually a fan of something until you have it in chain form? We think not!

Got a crazy idea for a chain? Just let us know and we can hook you up!

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Kanye West spotted wearing Curb Link Gold Necklace with Kim Kardashian at Wendy's

The "Keeping up with the Kardashians" star, Kim Kardashian, was spotted with her fiance Kanye West at a local Wendy's restaurant in Philadelphia just prior to Kanye's upcoming 'Yeezus' tour show. 


On Monday afternoon, instagram user boogasuga wrote uploaded the above photo with caption ""Kim & Kanye just chilling @ Wendy's on 15th and Chestnut last night"

The teens who were able to snag the photos show Kanye and Kim enjoying a burger and shake...

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John @ Luxe November 20, 2013 0 tags (show)

Ethical Gold Jewelry Manufacturing using Recycled Gold

Did you know in order to get one single ounce of gold out of the earth, miners need to dig up and haul over 40 tons of rock to a processing plant? Think of the energy alone to extract all those raw materials. But that's just the first step...

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DY Jewels is now Luxe Chains!

For all our guests being redirected through, we would like to welcome you to our new website, Luxe Chains!


DY Jewels was our first online web presence over 14 years ago...

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