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DY Jewels is now Luxe Chains!

For all our guests being redirected through, we would like to welcome you to our new website, Luxe Chains!


DY Jewels was our first online web presence over 14 years ago and will be missed. In 1999 (when gold traded around $250-$300/oz!!!) DY Jewels started selling a limited amount of gold chains, some unique styles of Italian gold jewelry. After partying like it was 1999 we entered the new millennium selling diamond stud earrings, solitaire pendants and other simpler classic designs. In 2006 we re-shifted focus back to our core products and started to develop our extensive line of gold chains and thus Luxe Chains was born!

We hope you enjoy our new website and we will be rolling out a lot more features and new products over the next few months!


- Team Luxe

John @ Luxe October 09, 2013 0 tags (show)
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