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Kanye West spotted wearing Curb Link Gold Necklace with Kim Kardashian at Wendy's

The "Keeping up with the Kardashians" star, Kim Kardashian, was spotted with her fiance Kanye West at a local Wendy's restaurant in Philadelphia just prior to Kanye's upcoming 'Yeezus' tour show. 


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian at Wendy's

On Monday afternoon, instagram user boogasuga wrote uploaded the above photo with caption ""Kim & Kanye just chilling @ Wendy's on 15th and Chestnut last night"

The teens who were able to snag the photos show Kanye and Kim enjoying a burger and shake, although Kim seems more interested in her phone then the delicious food. It looks like Kim is trying to stay away from the carb/sugar filled meal to in order to get back in shape after giving birth North West, the couple's baby girl.

Below we can see Kanye with his arm around Kim as they were spotted in Paris. We at Luxe Chains, couldn't help but notice of course the giant gold curb necklace Kanye West is wearing. 

Kanye West wearing 18K Curb Link Necklace 32 inches

Based on the shape and spacing of the links in the gold necklace he's wearing, it is very similar to our 15.9mm Curb Link Gold Necklace and we would estimate it is about 32-36" in length and from the look of it looks to be crafted out of 18K yellow gold. If we assume it was 32" that would make it just over $31,000 if purchased at Luxe Chains with a weight of 492 grams (that's over 1 pound of gold on Kanye's neck).

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