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Greek Bullet Corkscrew Custom Chain Necklace

We're proud to present the Greek Bullet Corckscrew chain. This intricate and visually stunning chain is sure to stand out. The corkscrew links are the long solid round links and the bullet links are the links that are ovals with the 

cylindrical pieces coming through the middle. One of the most impressive features of this chain are the engravings on the bullet links(see photos). This particular chain is made from 10K yellow gold and was 32 inches long! Needless to say, this chain makes a statement. Please enjoy some more photos below of this beautiful chain.

If you're considering purchasing a chain Luxe Chains can help! Please feel free to give us a call at 310-853-6963 for a free quote!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When will I get my necklace / bracelet?

Each chain is made to order just for you and ships in the time shown under “Shipping Details.” So if it says 10-12 business days, then your chain will ship in 10-12 business days and will arrive the next business day or two depending on the shipping option you selected during checkout.

2. The picture shows the chain it in white gold, can I get it in yellow (or some other color)?

Yes - Regardless what color the chain is shown in above, you can order it in white gold, yellow gold or rose gold (pink gold). All chains ordered in 950 platinum or 950 palladium will be white of course because they are naturally white metals.

3. Can I order in 21K, 22K, 24K yellow gold?

Yes - We can manufacture in 21K and 22K yellow gold, please email us; for more information. We don't recommend 24K because it is very soft and very hard to work with and will show a lot of scratches easily and the cost of labor is high. But if you must have it, we can make it for you!


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